HANDLEHolistic Approach to Neuro Development and Learning Efficiency

 HANDLE is holistic.

HANDLE is a systems approach that looks at internal and external influences  on an individual. All systems of the mind, body and life are interconnected, interactive and interdependent. An irregularity in one system can create irregularities in other systems. Nothing stands alone.

This includes everything that is going on inside our body  including the brain and nervous system, the digestive system, immune system and more.

It also includes everything that is going on outside our body including our  environment,  exposure to toxins, our nutrition, our life stye choices and the demands of our family, work, education , social systems and more.

 HANDLE is an approach.

HANDLE is a new way of thinking. It requires a paradigm shift from treating or masking symptoms to detecting the root causes behind challenges. 

Every individual is unique, so HANDLE is not a one size fits all all approach. Through skillful observation and analysis your HANDLE provider can detect which systems are strong and which ones need some help. With this information, a home based program designed to provide the right amount of new input to support desired change. We call this Gentle Enhancement®.

 HANDLE validates and addresses each individual's goals and challenges with unconditional acceptance and respect. In this environment, individuals find the motivation and courage to  find new ways of being in the world and connecting with others.

 HANDLE is neuro developmental.

HANDLE builds on the understanding of how brain and body neural pathways develop and how they continually change throughout life. HANDLE harness the power of neuroplasticity.

A person is  never too young or too old to benefit from a HANDLE program.

HANDLE activities include repeated, organized, predictable movements that use of the capacity of the nervous system to repair, reorganize and create new connections.

HANDLE supports learning.

HANDLE knows that people of all ages have the potential and desire to learn and the possibilities are endless.

HANDLE activities support the neurological building blocks that form the foundation for all forms of learning: communication, motor, academic, social, behavior and more.

HANDLE develops efficiency.

When neurodevelopmental differences are present there is often stress, fatigue,     discomfort and emotional distress as a result of trying to function and learn.

 Systems that are stressed do not improve.

HANDLE develops efficiency in the neurological systems, so that the least amount of energy and resources are used to achieve the desired results.


HANDLE recognizes that self protection and comfort is the first priority for each of us.

The need for safety, comfort and control can take priority over paying attention to others, doing what others want, behaving in “acceptable” ways, learning new tasks or anything that requires outward attention. This self-protection may look perplexing to others.

We view behavior as communication and we listen. For example, why do some people need to fidget When incoming information or the ability to process it is disorganized or irregular, the body/brain comes up "work arounds", that can look dysfunctional and seem purposeful. HANDLE looks for sensitivities, the sensory motor  and other body needs that may be driving the behavior.

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