How HANDLE Can Help

You don’t need a diagnosis to have legitimate learning and life challenges, and you don’t need a diagnosis to get support from HANDLE.  If you or your child is struggling and you haven’t been labeled you may benefit from reaching out to HANDLE provider.   If you have undiagnosed concerns you may be frustrated by the lack of explanation and validation.  You might also be unclear on where to turn for help.  An approach that looks at the individual and not at the diagnosis may have the insights you’re looking for.

The HANDLE Perspective

HANDLE providers are always looking beyond labels to find the underlying factors that contribute to learning and life challenges.  Stress, disorganization and inefficiency in the body are at the root of challenges. Issues with the way eyes work as a team and the way the ears process sound might be some of the factors contributing to your concerns.  Often times issues with the body and how the brain processes information are overlooked because the focus is on the symptom or behavior that is interfering with life.

HANDLE Approach

Your provider will perform an evaluation that gives you information about why you’re struggling.  You won’t receive a score or a label after your evaluation.  You will come away with genuine insights into how your brain and body is organized, while feeling validated and understood.