HANDLE Courses

All Courses are taught by independent Certified HANDLE Instructors

If you need a new approach to address learning and life challenges, attending a HANDLE course or event can set you on the right path. There are options suitable for everyone: family members, medical professionals, alternative health providers, educators, counselors, and more. Informational presentations are a perfect starting place and can lead to longer, hands-on courses involving lectures, movement activities, videos, and discussion. You will come away with a different view of function and behavior from any HANDLE course or event.

 Level 1 Course

An Introduction to HANDLE

This course is designed as an entry level or a stand alone course open to all interested individuals.  It  covers the foundations, the HANDLE philosophy and clinical services. These are principles that apply to daily function at home, work and school.  Six HANDLE activities are explored in detail, focusing on application for different ages, capabilities, neurodevelopmental stages and needs.

Course Content

  • History of HANDLE and its founder
  • HANDLE principles and their application
  • How stress affects learning and quality of life
  • Recognition of signs of neuro-systemic stress and strategies to reduce and prevent its impact on function
  • How nutrition and good health enhance our abilities
  • How our quality of life and abilities are affected by internal and external environment
  • Gentle Enhancement® and the meaning of “innocent assault”
  • See yourself and others through non-judgmental eyes
  • Learn 6 HANDLE Activities explored in detail, focusing on application for different ages, capabilities, neurodevelopmental stages and needs

Courses and Events

 Level 2 Course

The Basics of HANDLE: A Different Approach to Learning and Function 

Prerequisite: Level 1 

Build upon the foundations of Level 1 and expand your understanding of the HANDLE perspective, and how you can apply it in your life.  Learn how HANDLE looks for and addresses the root causes of irregularities in neurological and developmental systems and how they relate to perplexing behaviors and life challenges. Forever change your view of behavior by recognizing that nothing stands alone; people show us what they need. Valuable for individuals, families, and professionals.

Course Content

  • Explore the neurodevelopmental systems - the building blocks of learning and achievement
  • Learn how neurodevelopmental systems develop, affect and support each other
  • Develop a new understanding of the function of the senses and movement of the human body
  • Discover root causes of challenging behaviors, issues with daily functions and learning difficulties
  • Learn how to positively enhance learning without overwhelming the individual at any age
  • Learn 6 more HANDLE Activities that can support organization of the nervous system while exploring a wide range of variations and applications

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