You are not a label.

Autism, Learning Disability, Developmental Delays, Oppositional Defiance, Tourette's, Brain Injury, ADD, Dyslexia, PDD-NOS, Bipolar Disorder, Issues of Aging,and more...

Welcome to a different approach.

Are you seeking help for any of these labels, or other concerns?Do you notice that you or your child struggle with simple things that come easily to others?Do you know that you or your child is smart but can’t seem to demonstrate it to others?

HANDLE clients have experienced improved:

  • learning
  • reading
  • communication
  • sleep
  • behavior 
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • and more...


"Administrators and other teachers saw remarkable growth in students who had 'plateaued' or who had shown no growth for years. The changes were academic, social, and behavioral."

-M. Howell, educator with 19 years experience, who used HANDLE activities in her middle school special education classroom

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