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"My 10 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD. His performance in school was getting worse each year. He could not keep up with the class. By far the most alarming problem was he could not seem to get in gear. I would watch as the class was given an assignment or taught a lesson. All the kids would get out their materials and follow along. My son would fumble around, confused and scattered. I reached out to HANDLE like a lifeline. We did not want to regulate him with drugs. We wanted to fix the problems. Well, that was last year. We started the HANDLE activites before the school year began. I just received his report card. He had straight As and Bs and made the honor roll."

~ H. Salazar, parent

"What a difference a year makes! Kevin is far more relaxed at school and has not once gotten to the point of frustrating himself to tears and a meltdown. He is just so much better equipped to make it through the day intact. Since he started his HANDLE program he is more comfortable in his own body, less fidgety and anxious, more balanced and focused. He no longer sets himself apart from the group and has become very involved in class projects and activities. His social success in groups is a big step."

~Steve, classroom teacher

Autism / Autism Spectrum Disorders

"My 8-year-old granddaughter was diagnosed at three as severely autistic and developmentally delayed, and was mainstreamed in a regular classroom since kindergarten. After the Christmas vacation her teacher and teacher’s aide asked me, 'What happened over vacation?' She is much more involved in the classroom, more attentive, more social and has better communication. I tried to think of what had happened...the only thing different was her HANDLE activities."

~ C. Hunsinger

“Our child had been diagnosed Autistic/PDD/Hyperlexic. His expressive and receptive language skills were at half his chronological age. We received at HANDLE the most careful, specific, and individualized services we have yet experienced in 8 years of contact with professional providers. We saw results within two weeks’ time.”

~ T. Greer, parent

"For the first time in his life, my son casually reached up and held my hand as we walked. For all the remarkable things that HANDLE has given us, my son's hand in mine is the gift I cherish most."

~ Genese Izuno

Learning Disabilities

"My son was diagnosed with autism at 3 and we started a HANDLE program a year later at the recommendation of an Occupational Therapist. We could not believe now easy the activities were and we as parents could do them at home. The activities calmed him down. Over the past year we have noticed that he has better eye contact. He no longer squints all the time. He does not bump into people and things. At last he can see things and people in front of him. He responds faster to directions. He has begun speaking words and phrases. He dresses himself and drinks from a regular cup. He waits his turn. Because of HANDLE we now have hope that by the time Dylan is ready for school he will not need special services." 

~ J. Keane, parent

"My son’s teacher and physicians were stumped by his inability to progress in school. He started to identify himself as stupid. After doing his HANDLE activities for seven weeks, not only has he begun to read, he was also tying his shoes. Now he is finishing second grade. His tests show that he is reading at the level of a student completing third grade." 

~ K . Werth, parent

"We brought our 16-year-old daughter to HANDLE because we were worried with her lack of organizational skills.. her reading and some motor skills problems. When reading aloud, she lost her place and seemed not to pay attention to the text. Everything she did was in slow motion: she spoke slowly, she moved slowly. All of that is changing and in only two months. Her reading problem is gone. She moves and talks faster. Her grades have all come up (she is getting As and Bs). On her own initiative she is doing her own laundry, cleaning the cupboards and refrigerator- this a girl who had never organized anything before." 

~S. Hatch, parent