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HANDLE Level 1

  • 19 Sep 2023
  • (CEST)
  • 26 Sep 2023
  • (CEST)
  • online

Would you like to improve your child´s concentration, speech or perhaps their sleep? Would you like your child to be calmer and be able to sit still for longer?

HANDLE® is a movement, neuro-developmental approach that is based on the plasticity of the brain; that the brain can change at any age.

Movement, especially organised, rhythmic movement can help organise the brain. So we teach people how to do a programme of movement exercises tailored to their needs. It is crucial to customise the exercises because everyone is an individual and has a different nervous system.

It is also important not to pressure adults or children to do these exercises. If they do not like one, I simply look for an alternative.

Course content:
  • 6 HANDLE exercises and how to adjust them to the individual
  • how to spot the best moments for someone to do these exercises
  • how HANDLE can explain behaviour. What people do can tell us about their nervous system.
  • learn HANDLE principles such as not forcing someone, but rather going with their interests
  • making things fun and connecting with the person
  • how certain lights, sounds, smells etc. can disrupt the nervous system

·     signs of overwhelm of the sensory-motor systems – reducing stress to speed up learning

The six activities are explored in detail, focusing on application for different ages, capabilities, developmental stages and needs.

This is a live course and takes place over 3 sessions:

19th, 21st and 26th September,

from 7-9:30pm UK, Irish and Portuguese time.

Paul Baptie, level 3 instructor and HANDLE affiliate since 2007.

95 pounds, 115 Euro or 135 US dollars
None for this course.

Please contact Instructors for details at: handle@email.cz


Paul Baptie