Event Details

HANDLE Course Levels 1 & 2 Combined (Introductory and Basics ) ONLINE - click here for dates and times

  • 01 May 2020
  • 7:30 PM
  • 31 May 2020
  • 4:00 PM
  • ONLINE. UK times. See course description for dates and times.
Dates and Times

      Friday 1st May, 7.30pm - 9.00pm

      Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd May, 10:00 -12:00 and 2:00 - 4:00

     Plus 2 extra sessions, videos to watch and activities to do through May 2020.

     Location: Online via Zoom, UK times. 

Course Description

Are you looking for a different way of approaching learning with your child, yourself or the people you work with? Have you experienced frustration, difficulty or a lack of progress with the things you've tried so far?

Come and get a HANDLE on how to enable more ease, less stress and anxiety, and more enjoyment in your own life and those around you. 

  • This course empowers you to understand the root causes of challenges and differences, forever changing your strategies to help support learning and enhance potential.
  • Learn about the neurodevelopmental systems that are the building blocks behind everything that we do (including senses like touch, vision, body-in-space - and the connections between them) and discover how deepening your understanding of them will change lives.
  • Experience and practice 11 different HANDLE Activities for your toolbag, to help with focus and attention, calming, connection, communication, engagement and a whole host of other benefits. You’ll explore how to vary the Activities for different people and situations, and see videos of HANDLE in action.
  • Explore how stress affects learning and quality of life. Discover the 10 subtle signs of stress that are often overlooked, and how to respond in a way that will avoid overwhelm and bring about lasting changes in ourselves and the people we want to help.
  • Dive into the ground-breaking foundations of the HANDLE approach, and how to apply them in your life and work. Discover insights about the brain and nervous system and key aspects of our internal and external environments that affect our abilities and quality of life.

After the course you also gain access to Sean’s regular, free follow up webinars exclusively for course participants, to develop and explore ideas and Activities in more depth and keep connected.


"I think everyone should do this course whether you’re a parent, teacher, carer… a human being basically!" - previous participant

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The course costs £275 for the whole course(£500 for two participants) including  course materials, or £250 (£470 for two participants) if booked before March 20th 2020. 

Client discounts and concessions based on financial need are available, contact us via www.brightonlearninghouse.com if this applies to you.

None for this course.

Please register online here

If you have any questions contact Sarah on sarah@seanwilliams.co.uk or +44 (0) 1273 558 545


Instructor: Sean Williams is a HANDLE Practitioner, Europe's only HANDLE Level 4 Instructor and is the Assistant European Regional Education Director of the HANDLE Institute. He has been working internationally with adults and children with a wide range of learning difficulties since 1997, as well as being a professional health care provider for over 30 years. His family with 2 children currently infuses his teaching with lively and easy to understand examples of how learning is inseparable from our development.