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HANDLE Level 3 Screener Course

  • 04 Aug 2019
  • 18 Aug 2019
  • In-class module: Kimberton, PA, US August 4-18, 2019; then online weekly through February 2020.
Course Description
The course will involve three elements

1. Receiving a personal HANDLE Screening involving insights into your own unique ways of functioning in the world and an individualized program of HANDLE Activities. This would be scheduled individually with HANDLE providers before the in-class module.
2. In-class module, August 4 – 18, 2019, in Philadelphia. This module will include:

a. Learning new HANDLE Activities and reviewing the ones learned in Levels 1-2.
b. Learning the Screening Tool: how to perform it, to write up observations, to choose
activities and to present the findings and program to clients
c. Supervised screening sessions with clients

3. Weekly online meetings Late August 2019 through February 2020, covering the homework, the take-home exam, how to follow up on clients, and checking off on skills that were not checked off during the in-class module.


Learn how to use the HANDLE paradigm to help people with mild learning, behavioral or attentional difficulties. 

The HANDLE Screening is a brief practical evaluation to discover neurodevelopmental obstacles that interfere with learning for people aged 5 and upwards with mild difficulties. It is ideal for evaluating individuals or a group in a short period of time.

Completion of all course requirements enables you to be Certified as a HANDLE Screener by The HANDLE Institute® and use the HANDLE Screening Tool and Activities professionally.

See flyer HERE.

For more information, please contact Dror Schneider, at:

·  Office: +1 (415) 244-7521

·  Email: dror@handlebythebay.com

·  Website: www.handlebythebay.com

Costs and Registration

$3500-$3850 for tuition, depending on payment plan. This includes materials. It does not include room and board.

For details please contact the Instructor, Dror Schneider, at:

·  Office: +1 (415) 244-7521

·  Email: dror@handlebythebay.com

·  Website: www.handlebythebay.com

The application process is open to those who have attended HANDLE Levels 1 and 2

Sky Baptie, HANDLE Practitioner and Instructor, in training, with

Cathy StingleyHANDLE Practitioner and Instructor

Dror Schneider, HANDLE Practitioner and Instructor, and