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Mary Robson


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Compassionate Therapy and Training Centre
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01 Sep 2002




Age Ranges
Infants through adulthood.
We support individuals with the full range of neurodevelopmental disorders, chromosomal disorders, rare syndromes, brain injury and life's challenges.
Self-compassion programs. Compassionate guidance and holistic health education. We open the doors of possibility for individuals and families to see an emerging happy future together, so that resilient families are at the centre of a compassionate peaceful world.
Courses Offered
Compassionate Living Workshop, Stress Reduction Workshop, Healthy Eating Workshop, Fermented Foods Workshop, and HANDLE introductory courses.


My Qualifications
Mary stands on a solid foundation of teaching experience. Early on she was a group home counselor working with severely emotionally disturbed children. She later spent seven years teaching children from kindergarten through grade seven. Mary has also taught parenting classes, which greatly enhances her work with families. She has the unique advantage of having discovered HANDLE first as a client dealing with her own challenges. Because of the spectacular results she experienced, her compassion for others with neurodevelopmental challenges propelled her heart, mind, and body into HANDLE work. She has been with the HANDLE organization since 2001. Mary is a HANDLE Practitioner and Instructor, and she is the Asia-Pacific Regional Education Director and Board President for The HANDLE Institute.
Practitioner Statement
Mary and Penny of Compassionate Therapy are co-creators of programs for individuals, families and communities with any concern or challenge that presents a barrier to them in life and learning. They are passionate about educating and empowering individuals to not only understand themselves but to become happy no matter what. People are more resilient, able to deal with change and cope with the stressors in life when we are balanced and content.

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Compassionate Therapy and Training Centre
5 Lawson Parade, Castlemaine, Victoria
Australia 3450
Mobile Phone Number
+61 (0)448 191 542

Service Areas

  • Asia
  • Australia / Oceania
  • Australia
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