HANDLE Assessments & Programs

The Comprehensive HANDLE Program

Available from Certified HANDLE Practitioners only

The HANDLE Assessment is appropriate for people of all ages with mild to severe neurological, learning and behavioral challenges. Typically full HANDLE programs are priced as a package that includes the evaluation, presentation and five program reviews. Additional consultations and program reviews beyond the six months can be arranged to support the client in achieving ever-changing goals.


The HANDLE practitioner observes the client’s response patterns during a unique series of tasks and rapport-building activities. The response from the client is not judged, but seen as information to help the practitioner see how the body/brain system is working. The practitioner artfully analyzes processing modalities. Seemingly perplexing behaviors come together as pieces of a puzzle and are charted into a profile of the individual's core neurological processing. The evaluation process typically takes about 2 hours.

Presentation of Results and Recommendations

Another two hours are spent discussing the results of the assessment, explaining the recommendations and skillfully guiding the client through his/her individualized program of HANDLE activities that help the brain/body system to process and organize information more efficiently. The HANDLE Practitioner provides written instructions and any materials needed to do the activities. The Practitioner may also offer nutritional recommendations to enhance the brain’s functioning, along with suggestions for compensatory measures that the client may wish to employ while working on his or her program. In addition, the Practitioner may recommend specific complementary therapies.

Individualized Program of HANDLE Activities

Each program is customized for effective application in the client's home or other supportive setting. The program usually requires less than a half hour daily to complete, doesn't have to be done all at once, or even in a certain order. Some activities may require support from a helper. The focus is always on Gentle Enhancement® to strengthen the client's neurological functioning without producing stress. Video recordings made of all clinical sessions provide the client and caregiver a tool for easy reference at home.

Activity Check/ Fine-Tuning

A week to ten days later the client returns to his/her practitioner for an activity check. During this 1-2 hour appointment the practitioner watches the client perform all the activities in his/her program, making corrections or adjustments as needed.

Program Reviews

Many clients see significant results within the first few months. However, each client is encouraged to participate in a series of program reviews. The practitioner continues to fine-tune the client's program to support optimal progress. As systems become stronger, some activities are discontinued and new activities are introduced. Some clients select to receive off-site program reviews, via SKYPE or e-mail discussion and videotapes/DVDs.

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